what is y2k

What is Y2K ?


The Y2K movement is present everywhere at the moment, we follow this trend without really knowing it…
But what is it and what does it mean?

Ah, the 2000s... we haven't finished exploring the key trends of this period. We have unearthed all the pearls of these years and it is because the Y2K movement has shown the tip of its nose and we are already all following the movement without knowing it…

But what is Y2K again?

what is y2k fashion

The Y2K movement: nostalgia for flashy fashion

what is y2k style

The Y2K, which means Year 2K, the 2000s, is this trend of updating everything that is related to this period, especially in the fields of fashion and pop culture. This movement extends over the period of the late 90s and the beginning of the 2000s. This enthusiasm stems from the nostalgia of some for those years rocked by the rhythms of Britney Spears or the follies of Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie... Strongly criticized, the fashion of the 2000s considered flashy, did not have a good reputation until then. Today, it is resurrected and all fashionistas swear by it!


Y2K: The art of making new out of old

The great champion for unearthing the key trends of this period: Bella Hadid! The supermodel's eyebrows, hairstyles or dresses very often take us back to this period when teenagers followed the adventures of the Halliwell sisters in The Saturday Trilogy. Designers also show their sensitivity to this movement, on poduims, it is not uncommon to see vintage cuts and accessories inspired by the great fashion moments of this era resurface.

Moreover, in 2019 Versace gave a facelift to its famous “Jungle Dress” which caused a sensation on Jennifer Lopez. Donatella Versace took over this association between the star and the dress which gave birth to Google image in 2000 and of course, the reactions were not long in coming.

The Y2K movement on all fronts

This movement goes beyond fashion, series, films and even music videos are getting a makeover by recycling old stuff! This nostalgia has given rise to many reboots, Elle est trop bien, Gossip Girl or even Roswell, everything is good to dive back into the past... Not sure that everything is good to take but we still feel like an air of vintage s down on the 2022s…


In terms of fashion and lifestyle, Y2K is the revival of art from the year 2000. Some of the biggest trends to come back from that time are low waist, midriff-baring jeans, flare jeans, velour tracksuits, and patterned crop tops.

People have also gotten more creative with their accessories. Small shoulder bags with unique designs have been a staple in the trend, but it doesn't stop there. Unique shaped sunglass lenses or custom necklaces / bracelets have been used to keep everyone's outfits one of a kind.

what is y2K

Why is Y2K fashion trending now?

Fashion trends tend to come back after a few years. Designers and artists may find their inspiration from history and in turn restart the trend. Additionally, second-hand and vintage fashion is rising in popularity due to the increase demands for sustainable options. In combination, thrift stores tend to get a lot of donations from people outgrowing their 90s clothes and so it leaves an abundance of clothes for nostalgic Millennials or experimental Gen Z.

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