Y2K Dress

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Don’t Miss Out on These Cute Y2K Dresses

You can wear them all summer and winter. Enjoy and pick up some fresh closet design ideas!

New Collection: Y2K Dress

Y2K dresses are the in thing here. Bright colors, bold prints, and a silky soft feeling—you’ll be the talk of the town whenever you put on one of the crinkled Y2K dresses. However, adding up all that time to scour the internet for stylish Y2K dresses and not even being sure you will find your dream dress became quite an ugly prospect, especially when you were rushing to get to some important party or the nightclub.

We’ve Done the Tough Part for You!

In our dress collection, there is the perfect Y2K dress for you. Whatever you can think of, our collection of dresses has it. If you want a bubblegum pink dress that looks like something out of a Bratz doll instead of just being a toy for little girls, we’ve got those right here.

Equip with a Buttons Up Y2K Dress

This beautiful yet leisurewear-style dress is the best way to show off your figure. Wear the sleeveless printed version when it’s warm out, and switch to a jewel-tone shade plus stockings when it gets colder. Check out these things before they go because they’re just so “Yummy”.

This Y2K Mesh Dresses

In search of some Y2K costume ideas? Mesh was definitely the unofficial material of choice during the 1990s. Get a mesh with wild prints and cutouts to achieve the desired effect. To really heat things up, throw on your fake fur coat as well.

Y2K Slip Dress

This look is too pretty to be confined to lying under the covers. To go out shopping, just change into your T-shirt. A choker and a slip dress with cowl neckline make a lovely costume for girls’ night at the club.

Geared to Fans of Color

Pink, black, red, green, blue, or white… Need it? We got it!

Y2K Lace Cami Dress

The cami dress made the journey from grunge to yummers 2000 with a much brighter and bolder look. Thanks to this, this style is unquestionably a classic 1990s dress—check the listings on eBay. Lace trim on the edge of these outfits is simply adding a touch of femininity to this otherwise so sexy E-girl look.

Y2K Printed Dress

Remember the vivid prints and net designs that were a hallmark of the Y2K decade? Well, this site has a rich selection of dresses with tiny or large bits, you might say it really has caught up with fashion trends. But it seems too good to be true!

Y2K Halter Dress

The halter dress is everyone’s favorite because it looks good on all figures. The unique thing about this dress is that it draws attention to your shoulders and collarbones while exposing skin in places you never expected.

Y2K Cutout Dress

For much of the year 2000, the seductive cutaway dress was all the rage on the runways. You can wear a cutaway dress in many different ways, so it’s not only for models or those with perfect bodies. Check out our Y2K cutout dresses, providing a variety of lengths from tiny slits to full side panels. Choose a more formal look or go for that plunging V-neck style—in either case, a halter dress looks good on anyone.

Wear a Maxi or Midi Y2K Dress

These midi and maxi dresses are confident affairs. The bold designs on these dresses will simply draw attention to your body. Here you have rather interesting choices for options, whether you want a dress for a formal invitation or one for those party nights with friends.